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Aravindante Adhithikal makes the return of the father -son Combo of Sreenivasan and Vineeth Sreenivasan . The story revolves around a lodge in Mookambika where Sreenivasan is the owner of the lodge.Vineeth Sreenivasan is there with Sreenivasan from his childhood and a family once came to their lodge and story revolves around things happening from there.

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The main highlighted performance of the movie is from the veteran Actress Urvashi.Sreenivasan and Vineeth Sreenivasan also did a good job .Lead Heroine Nilkhila also did her part well.Other actor’s like Premkumar,BijuKuttan,Shanthi Krishna,Baiju etc has did a commendable job

The first half of the movie is fine as it has many to Laugh for the families.Urvashi deserves the most applause in this.M.Mohanan has usual did a commendable job as the director.But the second half lacks a punch and it offers nothing to the audience.The script has done plain after the interval portions

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Technical Side is good as per the Cinematography department is concerned .Songs are also very good but bgm is average

Rating : 2/5

Verdict: On the whole, Aravindante Adhithikal has a fine first half followed by a half balked second half

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