Streetlights is impressive as a thriller as well as an entertainer!!!

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A diamond necklace is stolen by a group of theives and Police Officer James [ played by Mammootty] is assigned to catch the culprits and get back the property unofficially. There are a few characters connected to this plot and the film talks about them.


Mammootty is the biggest attraction for the movie which is based upon a small plot. Apart from a few slo-mo shots you cannot see a trace of the star in Mammootty. Its his character which does the talking. Though there aren’t much scope for the actor to emote he still brings his trademark touch [Like the scene where he adapts to a Fort Kochi slang in a fraction of second while talking to a lady before switching back to his normal dialect]. His body languge is superb, especially during the flashback with a flamboyance touch. Thanks to debutant writer Fawaz Mohamed who pens an interesting character for his lead hero. Soubin, Dharmajan and Hareesh entertains in their pivotal characters. Lijomol is neat while Stun Shiva as the baddie is convincing. There are few more supporting artists like Motta Rajendran, Joy Mathew etc who are adequate.

Story – Screenplay – Direction

The films story reminds of few Tamil plot based thrillers where the characters are connected towards a common elements and Streetlight follows the same pattern. Where the freshness comes is in the screenplay and the presentation. Lot was expected from Cinematographer turned director Shamdat who has worked for many films including Viswaroopam. To a great extend he meets the expectations. He has tried some interesting ideas during action sequences and his overall controlled handling of the subject is laudable. Writer Fawaz comes up with some interesting turns towards the end which is another plus point for the movie which is just about 140 minutes. There are a few weak links in his writing somwhere in second half but he makes it up for the impressive pre-climax and climax episodes. A promising debut from both the writer and director.

Technical Department

Dop is handled by Shamdat’s brother Sadath who comes up with a neat work and a few long shots of the city are splendid. Editing is neat while the action blocks are superb.


Streetlights fits into a strange genre where it looks like a thriller at its peripheral levels. But actually its a drama with an element of thrill and fun blended wisely with the plot. One could say the crew succeeded in serving their purpose to bring out an entertainer packed with good amount of commercial elements. Its a more accomplished work among recent Mammootty starrers and there are right intentions in this film produced by none other than him. At the end it works as a thriller or a drama or an entertainer. Impressive..!

Rating : 4/5

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